Opiate Withdrawal Remedies & Home Remedies for Opiate WithdrawalOpiate Withdrawal Remedies

This is a collection of opiate withdrawal remedies to help others recovering from opiates to get clean without the pain of opiate withdrawal cold-turkey. I have personally used the remedies listed and am very thankful for them. I am always looking for new remedies, If you know of any good remedies that have helped you please share them by commenting on this article.

Food & Drink

If you can’t eat, drink heavy protein shakes. Make sure you get enough sugar, vitamins and protein  I have kicked dope several times, and it was much easier when I was drinking energy drinks and protein shakes full of vitamins.

Using Loperamide (Imodium) for Withdrawals

Loperamide Tablets (Imodium) is an opiate that doesn’t cross the ‘blood-brain’ barrier, so it will not get you high and it help your stomach a great deal. Use Aspirin to lower your already elevated blood-pressure and Ibuprofen will help a bit with your muscle aches.

(below information is courtesy of AliveandWell from Reddit.com)

There’s a method for using Loperamide (active ingredient in Immodium) to combat withdrawals and taper off just like a suboxone taper. The obvious advantage here is that it’s super cheap and you don’t have to visit a doctor.

A lot of people don’t believe it’s true. How the hell can a diarrhea medicine help with my opiate withdrawals? However my own evidence supported by hundreds of other testimonies throughout the opiate community shows that it does work. How? Loperamide is a full opiate agonist that doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier. Well, it does but it’s instantly kicked out by transporter proteins. It helps with diarrhea by acting on the opiate receptors in the bowels and causing constipation. Just like other opiates like heroin and oxy.

Disclaimer: I, nor the people who have given supporting testimonies, do not have the credentials to support these ideas professionally.

The idea with this is that if you take a mega-dose of Loperamide it will overwhelm the transport proteins so that some of the drug will slip by and act on the CNS. The other idea is that there are periphery opiate receptors throughout the body and activating these soothes the majority of the withdrawal symptoms. Both make sense to me but seeing as there’s been no studies it’s impossible to say how it works.

By mega-dose we’re talking 40-100mg. The normal dose on the box is 2mg. 40mg for moderate users and 100mg for heavy users. I personally used 60mg and had a $30-$50/day heroin smoking habit. This sounds like a lot and a lot of people wonder what the risks are. From what I’ve gathered from various resources, including professional medication books, there are no real risks and specifically the risk of toxicity occurs at doses much much higher. People also wonder: Won’t taking that much diarrhea medicine stop me up for days? The answer is not really. First of all, your body already has a tolerance to opiates and the constipating effects of said opiates. Secondly, the drug will last 12-24 hours after which bowels will move normal again. Thirdly, if one does experience bowel issues (can’t take a shit for 3 days) a mild laxative (non-stimulant) will fix it no problem.

Start with a dose on the lower end based on your use. If you’re a moderate user start with 40mg (20 pills. Don’t worry. They’re pretty small). If after 3 hours (takes a while to kick in) you feel little or no relief, increase your dose by another 20mg. This means take 20mg more. Do NOT re-dose by taking 40mg + 20mg more for a total of 60mg. That would mean you will now have 100mg in your system when we only wanted to bump it up to 60mg total.

The drug has a pretty long half-life which means it will provide relief for a good amount of time. In my experience I only need to dose every 24 hours. Some people say every 12 hours. Find what works for you by finding the lowest dose that works for you (see above) then waiting until you feel mild-moderate discomfort. Note the time it took and use this as your dosing interval.

Now we get to the taper part. Because Loperamide is an opiate agonist your body WILL become dependent on it meaning if you stop cold turkey you’ll experience physical withdrawals. From what I’ve heard it’s much like withdrawing off suboxone – no fun. However it is easy to taper off of because it comes in small doses and it doesn’t get you high (except I’ve noticed it has a very faint “high” to it. Nothing like good opiates and not something to chase after). You’re not going to be craving it. Taper off by decreasing your dose 2mg every day. Or more if you can handle it. Maybe 2mg every dose. With this slow of a taper you’re not going to notice much discomfort and when you jump off 2mg at the end it’s going to be a very small jump.

Myself and others have noticed the right dose will take care of 90-100% of the withdrawal symptoms. I can sleep, eat, take care of business, and even have energy during the day! It’s a miracle! I wish I learned about this so much sooner and now I’m spreading the word.

Buy the store brand not name brand Immodium. Store brand is about 10x cheaper if you go to Costco and buy Kirkland Signature brand. 400 pills for $5.

Orther Meds That Help

Seroquel , a common anti-psychotic, will knock you out or at least help you sleep. I’ve used it before to help me through the first couple days. Try Clonidine, A non-addictive and non-narcotic anxiety and blood-pressure med, it will reduce your cold chills, sweats and restlessness and is often given at hospitals for opiate withdrawal.

Do you have any opiate withdrawal remedies of your own? Send them in to help others! Comment on this page or send to nick@gettingoffdope.com

Opiate Withdrawal Sucks!

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